Guide to Sexual Transmutation

So let’s speak about intercourse.


As a result of it’s an important subject for anybody fascinated about achievement, self-development, psychological maturity, and religious progress.

Sexual transmutation can also be one other a kind of grossly misunderstood subjects. Let’s change that proper now.

What’s Sexual Transmutation?

Napoleon Hill’s self-help basic, Assume and Develop Wealthy, is what number of people first find out about sexual transmutation:

“Intercourse transmutation is easy and simply defined. It means the switching of the thoughts from ideas of bodily expression, to ideas of another nature.”

Now, Hill’s definition is an efficient begin, however we are able to go deeper.

Sexual transmutation is the method of changing sexual vitality into another drive, motivation, or vitality of a better order.

However what does that imply?

What’s Sexual Power?

To make clear this, let’s take a look at sexual vitality by a visualization of the seven chakras.


The chakras are stated to be seven vitality facilities within the physique the place every chakra pertains to a selected gland within the endocrine system.

Sexual vitality is a part of your life drive. This vitality arises from the primary or root chakra and the second or sacral chakra.

The foundation chakra is related together with your reproductive glands whereas the sacral chakra pertains to your adrenals.

Every of the seven chakras connects by a spiraling vitality channel that climbs up the physique (kundalini). And this complete vitality system is fueled by the bottom: the house of sexual vitality.

Sexual Power and Pleasure

The sacral chakra offers with pleasure. Though there are just a few exceptions, most animals should not have intercourse for pleasure. People, macaques, orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees, nevertheless, do.

When the sacral chakra is in stability, this drive for sexual pleasure stays moderately. However when one thing obstructs and weakens this sexual vitality heart, it results in all types of issues like intercourse addictions, perversions, porn addictions, and aggressive habits. (Extra on these issues under.)

Sexual Transmutation: From Pleasure to Willpower

Expressing sexual vitality by intercourse and want dissipates this vitality. That’s, sexual vitality goes in one in all two instructions: out by the intercourse organ or up into the upper vitality facilities.

The idea for sexual transformation is to take your sexual vitality and channel it into a better vitality heart.

The chakra above the sacral is the photo voltaic plexus chakra, which offers with willpower.

So if an individual lacks willpower, there’s a very good likelihood that their sexual vitality is leaking out through extreme intercourse, masturbation, stimulation, want, fear, or overthinking.

It’s for that reason the self-help literature discusses sexual transmutation. For younger males specifically, if they’ll channel their drive for intercourse and lady into their skilled work, they enhance their willpower to appreciate their targets and obtain extra.

There’s much more to sexual transmutation past achievement. However earlier than we proceed, let’s define how achievement-driven sexual transmutation works.