Is FR-4 really a ultra-strong Plastic

What’s to not love about FR-4 It’s well-known as one of many strongest plastic supplies obtainable.  As we’ve written on this weblog earlier than, FR-4 rivals the strength of some metals.  The Final Tensile Power (UTI) of FR-Four is 45,000 PSI whereas the UTI of forged iron is 29,000 PSI.  Copper is available in at 31,900 PSI and aluminum is 43,500 PSI.  Structural Metal has an UTI of 40,000 PSI.

FR-Four a fabric fabricated from a woven glass material and a difunctional  epoxy resin system.  It’s an anisotropic or directionally dependent materials. The requirements for FR-4 are regulated by the Nationwide Electrical Producers Affiliation (NEMA.)

There’s a lot extra to the engineering would possibly of FR-Four than simply power!  It’s a really well-rounded materials.  Listed below are the highest 6 explanation why FR-Four is a good material-we suppose you’ll like it.

1. FR-Four stands for flame resistant.  UL give this materials a score of 94 V-Zero.  Bromine, an oxygen scavenger, is added to G10 to create FR-Four, giving it the best flame retardant score on the UL 94 V index.  Burning stops inside 10 seconds on a vertical specimen after two purposes of a blue flame and drips are allowed so long as they aren’t burning.  FR-Four will forestall a hearth from beginning.  If a hearth is already burning, this materials will sluggish it down.

2. FR-Four is chemically resistant.   FR-Four performs excellently in all kinds of chemical compounds together with most alcohols, fragrant hydrocarbons like benzene and toluene, nickel plastic mold supplies, and in such acids as hydrofluoric 100% and hydrochloric 100%.  The whole record of chemical compounds that FR-Four resists is kind of lengthy.  For extra info on particular chemical resistance, check out our High Performance Material Guide.

three. FR-Four is water-proof.  With a water absorption price of just about zero %, it’s no shock that FR-Four is inert in water.  FR-Four is even saltwater resistant, making it perfect to be used in marine gear. It’s used to make fish farming pods, boats, fishing rods, railings for sewage therapy crops, and extra.  FR-Four has additionally been utilized in worldwide undersea communications cable purposes.

Four. FR-Four is nonconductive.  Due to its extraordinarily low water absorption, FR-Four is an excellent insulator.  In each moist and dry purposes, it has good dielectric loss [i]properties and good dielectric power.[ii]  It’s used extensively within the manufacture of circuit boards however as a result of ii might be simply machined it’s made into screws, nuts, spacers and quite a lot of shapes used for electrical insulation functions.

5. FR-Four is mild weight.   As it’s fabricated from woven fiberglass material and epoxy resin is mild weight with a selected gravity[iii] of 1.eight in comparison with 2.7 of aluminum.   Forged iron has a selected gravity of seven.2 whereas copper is eight.96 and metal is 7.82.

6.  FR-Four is UV resistant.  This level refers particularly to grades of FR-Four which might be made with a tetrafunctional epoxy system.  This type of FR-Four is the kind most frequently used for circuit boards.   UV resistance makes FR-Four much more ideally fitted to underwater and marine purposes.

[i] Dielectric loss is the quantity of warmth an insulating materials dissipates when subjected to present.

[ii] The dielectric power of a fabric is the utmost electrical area power it might probably stand up to with out lack of its insulating properties.

[iii] Tetra practical describes a compound having 4 bonding websites in a molecule.

(Are you on the lookout for extra engineering time period definitions?  Take a look at our Plastic Manufacturing Phrases Glossary!)

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